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Aligning personal and business goals

The challenge of leading from understanding

Any competitive company must know how to motivate their team, retain talent, transmit values, and promote employee loyalty. For all this, the business owner must develop their leadership ability, thus ensuring that their strategic plan is well communicated, understood, and followed by all.

At CEDEC, we provide diverse strategic tools that facilitate good company functioning through efficient systems to communicate with employees, providers, and other interested parties. The goal is to establish a lasting organizational culture of continuous improvement.

What does CEDEC Leadership & Communication do for you and your company?

Each company has certain values and a culture that must be appropriately transmitted to different audiences. This is not one-way communication; we must also ensure that messages are correctly received and internalized by everyone, at the same time that feedback is evaluated.

These processes require custom communication channels to be implemented. The choice and use of these channels are determined by the size of the company, their activity sector, and employee profile, among other factors.

CEDEC helps you effectively transmit your messages and adapt them to the company's organizational structure, thanks to a systematic corporate communication plan. Through the evaluation of communication flows, you can learn whether your employees follow the company's ideas and goals, if they feel listened to, and if they embrace company goals as their own.

Without communication, there is no leadership. To achieve an effective communication with your employees, providers, and other audiences, CEDEC will advise you and implement the channels to create a process of ongoing improvement.


And remember:

  1. Talent retention, employee loyalty, and a correct transmission of organizational values depend on the business owner's leadership ability.
  2. A team motivated by a charismatic leader is key for the company's strategic plan to be communicated to and followed by all.
  3. Various channels are needed to ensure effective communication and correct implementation.

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