Corporate Strategy

Value creation calls for a new focus.

It is not companies that compete: it is business models.

Product innovation and client relations, new processes and business models, end of cycle for key products or people, competition, globalization, technological changes... New ways of doing business are challenging traditional strategies and operations. In this context, strategy is more needed than ever and marks the difference between winning and losing. Being reactive is no longer sufficient in an era where planning ahead is the basis for business.

In the day-to-day of a family business, it is difficult to create innovative concepts and strategies. The lack of time and perspective leads to insufficient strategies or reflections and solutions which are already embodied by the competition.

If the competition creates value in business and you do not, your own passivity is playing into the hands of the competition. Therefore, strategy is, above all, an act of responsibility towards oneself and the company.

What does CEDEC Corporate Strategy do for you and your company?

We speed up change in those organizations facing challenges in evolution or business idea development, or who find themselves in a complex context which requires a high coordination of focus and resources.

We provide new strategic focuses both for brands or businesses and in operations, with the goal of developing and creating value. At the same time, we translate strategies into operational actions that, ultimately, carry out the plans.

We define strategic lines that make your vision as a business owner compatible with developing competitive advantage, differentiating from the competition. Mid- and long-term objectives, the execution of action plans, resource assignation, and control points, which lead to the attainment of objectives, are integrated into our strategy.

Create space for your life and your future.

A company can develop its strengths virtues to the limit of the abilities of the person in charge. Nonetheless, the amount of knowledge and experience that we can accumulate does have a limit. At times like this, we must use new reference patterns.

In any company, two important, very differentiated operations must coexist: the day-to-day and the building of the future. Many businesses contain elements that, in their time, made the company competitive but which now have been assimilated by the environment and new innovations.

At CEDEC, we create value for your company, safeguarding continuity
and acting on business models that call for updates to your strategic competitivity.


And remember:

  1. A good strategy marks the difference between winning and losing. In such a competitive market, planning is key.
  2. We must continuously update our knowledge. Researching new reference patterns will help.
  3. One must know how to differentiate between daily operations and building the future to establish and achieve the company's goals. A proper understanding of the competitive environment and the business life-cycle will provide the overall strategy.

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