Planning &
Risk Management

Ensure the future, from the present

We live in an uncertain, complex, and challenging environment.

Rapid economic or personal cycles, deep strategic-sectorial evolutions, and new, highly professionalized skill models provoke risky situations for businesses which, until now, considered themselves fully consolidated.

In a highly volatile environment, just one strategic omission can destabilize the trajectory of a family company or generate a crisis situation. Furthermore, the identification of risks is complex and may branch off into operational or leadership issues. Often, this comes from strategic environments or personal situations which are difficult to interpret or whose origin is difficult to identify. Agility and time spent with those who plan and evolve are key factors for the success of your business.

What does CEDEC Planning & Risk Management do for you and your company?

Whether in business situations or processes, or when dealing with business model strategies, at CEDEC we evaluate all the possible risks and threats that could affect the continuity and solvency of your company.

Through environmental, systemic, operational, or financial analysis, we act to transform your organization into schemes for planning and preventing risks or potential crises. Later, we define the strategies or alternatives and execute the protection procedures needed for your comapny to thrive and be well-positioned with an efficient and reliable management.




Creation of threat or crisis planning and prevention schemes.

Strategic Framework

Definition of strategies or alternatives.


Implementation of protection procedures.

Nothing should affect the strategic focus or viability of a family business.

Thanks to our national and international experience with the situations and challenges of family businesses, we can offer you an expert vision and perspective. We provide individualized solutions and alternative scenarios that counteract or reduce any negative impact that threatens the trajectory and effort of the owners.

We provide and execute all the action plans that permit company development and solvency over time.

Knowledge in the face of uncertainty. At CEDEC, we define alternative scenarios so you can take advantage of opportunities and prevent adversity.


And remember:

  1. A lack of strategy can lead to a crisis by destabilizing the trajectory of a family business. To avoid this, planning is key.
  2. Analyzing the environment, we can prevent possible risk and threat situations that could affect the continuity and solvency of the company.
  3. It is possible to thrive and ensure an efficient and reliable management, through defining strategies or alternatives and protection procedures.

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