Institutional Relations

Many business owners involved in the evolution of their specific sector ask us, with our more than 50 years of experience, for support in their sector.

CEDEC has created a special division that manages trainings, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, agreements with business associations, and other events to collaborate more directly with companies.

Our knowledge of the value chain, the experience with many companies in the same sector, and the total confidentiality of our activity allows us to be very effective and practical.

CEDEC collaborates with various associations to provide all our experience and knowledge to members. We are members of the main consultancy associations in Spain, France and Italy.


CEDEC is a member of the Spanish association of consulting firms (AEC) that brings together the main consulting and information technology firms. Founded in 1977, it defends and promotes the role of consulting firms in the modernization of the economy. AEC's mission is to generate a tractor effect in the rest of the sectors to increase competitiveness, move towards a new digital economy and improve the citizens' welfare.


CEDEC is proud to be part of Syntec Conseil, the professional association representing consulting companies in France. Members integrate and develop growing expertise in the areas of strategy and organization, innovation and digital, communication, branding and research, commitment and social responsibility, talent and human capital development. 


Established in 1997, Confindustria Assoconsult is the Association that represents the most important Management Consulting companies in Italy. It protects and promotes the juridical, economic and professional interests of the Associates, dealing with the institutions, the economic, political, social and cultural organizations of the country and of the European Community.

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