Business Intelligence

Dynamic data analysis: a revolution that allows us to understand the present and travel to the future

Business Intelligence will change the way you see the company

Using Business Intelligence is taking advantage of an online tool which is capable of organizing a company’s data and interpreting it with a power unknown until now.

Visualizing this data, which is analyzed from various perspectives, allows the business owner an in-depth assessment of key topics—such as budgets, balance sheets, production cost analyses, deviations, etc.—and therefore a greater understanding of their activity so they can make better decisions.

Who has never dreamed about being able to see their company's data in real time, from anywhere? This is already a reality today, and companies are using it to gain competitivity and confidence.

What does CEDEC Business Intelligence do for you and your company?

  • We listen to the business owner and their needs in order to implement a dynamic control panel through CEDEC BI solution.

  • We construct the complete dynamic control panel together with the business owner, so that they will have a tool which is fully adapted to their company and responds to their issues.

  • Once installed at their company, we follow, along with the business owner, the profitability indicators built into CEDEC BI, both during and after the end of our face-to-face intervention. In this way, we guarantee that company management is continuously updated in order to lead the company on the path to corporate excellence.

Getting the best of your data

Having a tool that allows you to organize your data is fine, but it is better to know how to interpret the data.

Thanks to CEDEC BI, the business owner has a revolutionary computer tool for making decisions which, with CEDEC’s guidance, will transform data into key elements for achieving strategic objectives.

Welcome to the new era of immediate data access and analysis, which will give you better control and ease of access to the reality of your company.

CEDEC decided to join the BI revolution and take advantage of the infinite possibilities to help family businesses consolidate and move forward.
Are you ready for this exciting journey into the future?


And remember:

  1. Business Intelligence provides deep diagnostics in real time.
  2. Artificial Intelligence still has a lot to offer business owners. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Family companies can take great advantage of new technological tools.
  4. CEDEC BI creates no additional costs for the business owner. On the contrary: the value of constant data analysis is immeasurable.

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