Corporate Finance

Growing on a solid foundation to go further

Competitivity with finances at your favor

Any company must have a strong overview of the business model and the characteristics of their financial solvency as well as their income and liquidity structure. Money should work in the company's favor to expand the owner’s personal and competitive possibilities.

Control of finances is what permits innovative, anticipatory, or developmental actions. If knowledge or control are insufficient, a transformation must occur. Otherwise, it is very difficult to introduce specific action plans that make truly transformational impacts possible.

What does CEDEC Corporate Finance do for you and your company?

We are the first reference so that our clients can obtain clear control of their financial environment and liquidity. CEDEC PARTNER Corporate Finance is a team of specialists that act on the most sensitive, impactful, and risk-prone areas of each company and business-focused family.

We execute economic plans and improve operative and strategic financial models.

We provide all the existing skills which enable financial management and execution, management control, and activity indicators. We provide everything needed to make decisions and improve the company’s income model, business strategy, and performance.

Margins, bank exchanges, cash flows, benefits, debts, assets, performance, costs... Everything hinges on one objective: obtaining a solid base on which the company can grow strong and the owner’s vision can develop both in the short- and long-term.

Financial control is essential to achieve business growth:

Dealings with money should not be left to chance.

We know that each business has their keys and characteristics related to money. These should not be improvised, nor should decisions be made, without a deep understanding that this could lead to unfavorable scenes for the business or the family. The examination and control of finances is of utmost strategic and technical importance for the owners of a company.

A business manager needs a clear vision of their current situation and future possibilities in order to take the most opportune measures related to performance, solvency, and reinvestment, as well as to improve their competitive model.

Without a clear strategic vision, strategically opportune decisions cannot be made, nor risk controlled.
At CEDEC, we have eyes on all aspects of corporate finance.


And remember:

  1. shared vision is essential to define the business model and its most essential characteristics.
  2. With full control of the financial state of the company, the owners have greater margin for innovation and development.
  3. Nothing to do with finances can be left to chance. Improvisation is counterproductive in this area.

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