Family Partner

Making what’s important the most important

From a family business to a business-oriented family

When the environment obliges one to make strategic, operational, or governance decisions, neither the family nor resources should be destabilized. Changes should encourage opportunities and strengthen the business model.

One of the main risks and opportunities faced on a professional path is ensuring balance and family-business expectations in an ever-evolving environment.

The family project within the company

A family company, or one with several owners, is an ecosystem in which personal and business situations live side by side without clear dividing lines. The needs of the business must be considered along with family ties, trusted collaborators, and long-term working methods.

In many companies created from the heart, however, due to generational or environmental motivations or life-cycle changes, not all owners or members of the family can imagine the same business project at the same time. There are general shared goals, but they may or may not coincide in the short- or mid-term or in priorities.

What do we do at CEDEC Family Partner?

Each situation requires different solutions. We are specialists in family company processes, needs, and opportunity development, and in preventing conflict between owners.

CEDEC Family Partner is a service (or combination of services) designed specifically to respond to these issues. This focus is based on a deep knowledge of family/business dynamics, and the involvement and relational excellence of our team.

A very significant number of family companies in our country trust us in the most important moments of their professional lives. The current business environment presents extraordinary opportunities for those family businesses that appropriately update their competitivity.

When we proposed making changes to our company to be able to successfully face generational handover, we thought that CEDEC could help us make that a reality, as they had previously given us ideas to keep advancing our business. A handover and changes of this kind are not achieved in a year; what we have achieved to date is sure progress in the desired direction so that these changes can be realized, and at the same time, we have worked (and continue to work) to change our management style and run a company that has grown over the years."

Mr. Miguel Llampart
MLL Besthotels Management

The challenge of evolution and opportunities

Opportunities come from an appropriate updating of the competitive skills that drive the business and the value proposal in the market. The strategic, operational, family, and governance decisions taken today will lead to the income, stability, and viability of the future.

Information is power, it is the key to any business strategy.
At CEDEC, we help you reach your business objectives by turning information into action.


And remember:

  1. Family members, and professionals, too. A family company may be an extension of the home, but that does not mean that professional criteria should take second place or that the competition is friendly.
  2. What is valid today may not be so tomorrow. Each business life cycle requires updates in competitivity. Do not play with outdated rules of the game.
  3. We are all part of something bigger. When there are many decision-makers, it is necessary to define roles, resources, and expectations regarding the business model. The company should be a source of pride for all.

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