CEDEC operations

Our work at any company implies advancing, making continued progress over time until attaining Excellence.

All the CEDEC departments are composed of highly-qualified professional teams with strong experience in business management.

Our operations are based on four principles: responsibility, autonomy, specialization, and interdepartmental communication.

Furthermore, a Project Committee manages each department's work with the client and supports the work of our professionals.

In the following graph, you will find a more detailed description of the operations of our seven departments.

Business partnerships

Always by the business owner's side

Understanding the business owner, their reality, and their situation in order to establish partnerships aimed at success and corporate Excellence.

Strategic Management

Together towards Corporate Excellence

To make it possible for our clients to reach Corporate Excellence, this department makes best practices available to business owners through a highly-specialized structure with the aim of becoming their benchmark for doing business.

Only CEDEC clients have the option of permanent access to reviews of their strategic management.

Business Outreach

A conversation that brings us closer to you

Let’s talk. We know that the key is listening to you. Only by understanding your personal vision in the context of your company can we help you define your business objectives.

Let’s make a plan. You are at the heart of your business. We have an external perspective, informed and unbiased, to help you establish priorities and make the best decisions.

The Account Executive will offer expert advice and will provide you with a technical vision that enables you to consider new possibilities.

We would like to talk with you about business strategy, the market, risks, the family timeline, work-life balance, the competition, innovation, creativity, sales, operations, and management.

Institutional Relations

All the CEDEC experience within your reach

Many business owners involved in the evolution of their specific sector ask us, with our more than 50 years of experience, for support in their sector.

CEDEC has created a special division that manages trainings, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, agreements with business associations, and other events to collaborate more directly with companies.

Our knowledge of the value chain, the experience with many companies in the same sector, and the total confidentiality of our activity allows us to be very effective and practical.

Analysis and Projects

The best way to face the future is to understand the present.

The mission of the Analysis & Projects department is fundamental: to guide you to a better future for your company. You choose the destination and we draw you the map.

Transformation, escalating evolutionary challenges, or avoiding risks all require an appropriate analysis of the company’s capabilities. It is precisely at this point that we can begin to draw a plan of action and start to aim towards achievable and sustainable success.

The CEDEC analyst, under the principle of Relational Excellence, evaluates the business model’s performance and strategic, operative, and financial coherence, as well as the leadership or personal aspirations of the company leader. And all this with the strictest professional confidentiality and ethics.

Project Development

Specific and made to measure

To strengthen your company in a strategic and competitive environment such as this, the Project Development department builds, from experience and innovation, the operational actions and processes needed to obtain tangible results in all areas of our clients’ companies.

Our systems of innovation, development, and acceleration are tested in myriad sectors and business environments. We provide the experience, knowledge, and personal commitment acquired through our work with more than 46.000 clients.

Executive Mentoring

Consolidate and develop successes

The goal is to accompany you during the year following the actions conducted by the Project Development department to ensure that the operations implemented are successfully applied and generate the expected results.

At CEDEC, someone is always by your side to provide reliable solutions and peace of mind in decision-making.

To continue the evolution and provide innovation and correction for the life of the works undertaken, we establish Business Intelligence control mechanisms that allow you to focus on what is crucial to improve.

CEDEC Quality Control

Commitment to satsifaction

With the aim of perpetuating the benefits of our collaboration, we verify to what degree processes have been integrated in the company's day-to-day and organizational culture.

For this, we conduct an annual CEDEC Corporate Quality Standards Audit. In the audit, we demonstrate the degree of benefit and the value provided in each operational area.

The audit leads to the CEDEC Quality Standard, thus reinforcing the competitive image of your business.

Project Committee

Teamwork turns dreams into competitive advantages.

A team of professionals that combines talent, experience, knowledge, and creativity to supervise the field work that our specialists conduct at your company.

The Project Committee acts in the analytic, executive, and strategic phases, not only as support but as a guide towards the objectives established with the business owner.

Excellence Partnerships

CEDEC accompanies business owners after the intervention in order to consolidate the projects implemented, continuously analyze the client’s situation, update their management, and guide them on the path towards Corporate Excellence.

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