HR & Productivity

The strength of the team moves mountains.

A company's most important resource is its people, their involvement and their skills...

What makes a business project different from its competitors is its human team, its uniqueness and its ability to put its skills at the service of the common project.

Because the human team is the engine that generates synergies and that understands and applies the principles of the project.

A good human team, adapted to the project, maximises productivity when it is properly organised and provided with the corresponding means of production.

What do we do for you and your company at CEDEC RRHH & Productivity?


  • We analyse your needs and the characteristics of your team to place each person in the most appropriate place for their skills.
  • We propose and implement the necessary changes because we are specialists in maximizing the functionality of human teams.
  • We optimise coordination, the assumption of responsibility and continuous improvement, because we prioritise the functioning of the collaborators as members of a team.
  • We define training, professional development and personnel evolution plans to ensure a dynamic of constant evolution and growth.
  • We redesign the processes and determine the means that will allow us to optimise the general productivity of the company and, specifically, that of the company's collaborators

Competence, coordination and functioning as a team.

Productivity is maximised through the harmonious functioning of the company's employees, who form part of a real team, where time is not wasted on useless struggles arising from a lack of coordination.

From CEDEC we provide the specialized, professional and external vision that will give you the necessary elements to increase the productivity of your human team.

From the principle of RESPECT TO THE COLLABORATORS that constitutes one of our most important principles we implant the organizations that maximize the effectiveness and the productivity of the members of the company.


And remember:

- Motivated employees are those who generate the highest productivity.

- Training plans are an investment, not an expense.

- Incentives that do not motivate are often demotivating.

- Roles are important, but responsibilities are more important.

- No responsibility for two managers and no responsibility without a manager.

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