The value that marks the difference between success and failure

Competitivity and sales have evolved.

Habits and needs are changing with no end in sight. Everything progresses in the way value is provided and goods are sold to a demanding consumer who does not behave as before.

In terms of sales, products, and differential value, experiences are readily compared. Today, at an industrial, wholesale, retail, or distribution level, buying and selling takes place in a multitude of ways which are constantly evolving and improving.

We live in an explosive era of challenges and opportunities that demand updates to competitivity itself. There are enormous possibilities for companies with a clear, entrepreneurial vision of commercialization, product and service innovation, or a commercial focus on their added value.

What does CEDEC Competitive Advantage do for you and your company?

We develop your whole sales process. We develop and coordinate a series of sales skills based on specific strategies, on the execution of this process, and on monitoring the results of the activity.

Each company, according to the specific characteristics of their sector of activity, possesses their key factors which require the best strategic and operational support. Based on the skills and experience that we have accumulated in a variety of competitive environments, we develop everything which coordinates around product, service, price, sales, sales team execution, and data analysis and control.

Furthermore, we build your competitive advantage, designing and conducting brand and added-value business management strategies which, at the same time, drive the company to a new level.

The result for your company is a maximization of sales results and margin, and an improvement of positioning relative to the competition. The objective is to have the biggest impact.

Corporate Development

Data analysis and control.

Competitive Advantage

Creation and implementation of brand and business management strategy.

Improved results

Maximizing sales results, margin, and market position.

The sales factor is an ongoing, purposeful challenge.

It is impossible to achieve success without understanding the factors with the greatest impact on the sales process: the sales team, client behavior, sector dynamics, consumer trends, the competition's innovative strategies, or keys to disruptive technology. Some of these factors entail a challenge which requires a change of focus, adaptation, innovation, and deep decision-making.

We know that, for the owners of a company, sales and margin are challenges of utmost importance. The level of competition determines the success and continuity of your business, whether we are talking about updating competitivity levels or speeding up results.

At CEDEC, we identify those factors with the greatest impact on business value, maximizing sales and margin.


And remember:

  1. Business activity should be purposeful. The end client always seeks new opportunities.
  2. Strategies and actions should be specific and measurable.
  3. The purchase process and operational costs form part of margin.
  4. A good client is a strategic ally for the development of your business.

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