The engine of the company

Improving the company’s operational model

The current business dynamic presents extraordinary opportunities for companies to improve their operations and achieve an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Familiarity with the operational model is, above all, familiarity with the company itself; this means paying attention to all business results and not just focusing on the final result. It means identifying problems or unsatisfactory situations and converting them into opportunities to increase the income of the business.

What does CEDEC Operational Effectiveness do for you and your company?

The operational model is the base of the value chain that makes the whole business mechanism possible. At CEDEC, we work closely with you to help you adapt your operations and processes to achieve a simplified, streamlined organization.

From strategy to execution, adapted and impeccable, our experts help you to adapt the performance of the operational and supply chains, reduce costs, and manage complexity and risks.

This way, you gain control over operational activity and processes and can make decisions based on real information which constantly refines your business, management of key projects, or service centers.

Over the last months, we have relied on CEDEC’s advice. The objective was to implement tools that allowed us an exhaustive control over our operations, in order to be able to establish and control short- and long-term goals that permit the growth, or at least stability, of our client portfolio and workload. During this time, CEDEC has proved their qualifications and professionalism, showing at every moment a serious and warm attitude towards all staff at the company, and we evaluate very positively the results we obtained."

Mr. Manuel Vázquez Castro
Noriner S.L.

Challenge, team, results, and functioning

CEDEC is an excellent partner for the creation of competitive advantages based on the operational factors of specific businesses.

Based on our experience with all sectors and challenges, we propose and execute innovative solutions with a team that gets involved within the company and in each phase.

The search for operational effectiveness requires identifying problems and creating solutions.
Convert these challenges into opportunities with CEDEC.


And remember:

  1. It is possible to turn problems into opportunities if we understand the company's operational model.
  2. The operational model of the company gives rise to the value chain, enabling the entire business mechanism.
  3. We propose basing competitive advantage on the operations of each business.


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