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Clarity and confidence for success

Improving or developing oneself in a world dominated by change and competitivity requires perspective. But it is not always easy to have a broad view of one’s own reality or of the changes and opportunities that one is implementing. Doubts may become problems, or the execution of plans may need a boost.

One of the keys to success is to be well advised and supported in evolutionary or transitional challenges. For this reason, we put all our experience and skill in consolidating objectives at the disposal of our internal clients.

What does CEDEC Executive Mentoring do for you and your company?

We are the only company in the sector that provides you with an operational environment focused on your personal and executive development. In situations of change or improvement, we give personalized motivation to the client we have worked with, providing them with significant experience and dedication which shortens learning curves and creates transformational results.

We have two areas of action in Executive Mentoring:

  • Corporate Accompaniment: An expert familiar with the business owner's objectives and personal situation will accompany and motivate the client for one year after the project. This provides strategic support and invigoration for the processes implemented. The economic, operational, and strategic reality is analyzed continuously to continue providing guidance, assessment, and action on the works conducted. The objective is to ensure that things turn out well.
  • Participation on management committees: We form part of the company’s life, participating in management committees to galvanize them and to provide all the strategic, operational, and personal knowledge of the family company that CEDEC has built up. A business and opportunities accelerator is often necessary when facing challenges that require more experience.

Commitment to satisfaction

Mentoring means supporting and challenging managers and key people to manage their own growth and skill. We establish control mechanisms and objectives that allow us to provide innovation and correction during the life of the projects conducted or to be conducted.

At CEDEC, you will always have someone by your side to provide reliable solutions and peace of mind in decision-making.

The path to excellence is full of challenges and surprises.
At CEDEC, we help you walk that path, accompanied by professionals who have a clear vision of the steps to follow.


And remember:

  1. When the business owner is well advised, they can have a broader perspective of their business reality.
  2. The occasional doubt is quite normal. However, in the long-term, doubts can become problems.
  3. Having challenges and good support facilitates the personal growth and development of managers and key people at the company.

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