Relational Excellence

Our work is centered on the dreams and goals of family business owners.

In a company, data and processes are important; however, the ability to reach success resides in people. At CEDEC we have professionalized respect and care for the human aspect of client interaction. Our true impact is based on our interaction with the business owner, and all our actions are linked to the personalization of the family company's fundamental values. Their goals, dreams, and challenges are the map that guides our work. We call this Relational Excellence and it forms part of our DNA.

Relational Excellence: our commitment is based on seven relational principles:


We practice active listening and empathy, some of the most powerful forces that exist to make change possible.


Our intervention derives from the tangible needs and concerns expressed by the client.

Professional competence

Our CEDEC methodology guarantees the skill and competence of our professionals, as well as that of their proposals, execution, and follow-up.


Our collaborations must be effective; that is, our proposals must be appropriate, practical, and achievable.


Our experience allows us to propose only those custom solutions that respond to the client's needs.


CEDEC's overall structure means we are always available to respond to business owners' professional demands, both current and future.


Client satisfaction is guaranteed within the complimentary assessment framework provided by our departments Executive Mentoring and Strategic Management and is certified by our CEDEC Corporate Quality Standard.

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