How did we get here?

Since the founding of CEDEC in 1965, our trajectory has been marked by significant milestones which have helped us evolve and grow into the European leader in strategic business management specialized in family businesses.

Do you want to know our story?


It all started with a mission

In 1957, Jean Niclaus came in contact with the consulting business at an important American company. After eight years of experience in the European market, in 1965 he decided to use the knowledge he had acquired to start his own company in Brussels, CEDEC, with a solid determination in mind: to overcome post-war challenges and help rebuild European family businesses. The name, the European Center for Economic Evolution, reflects this commitment.


3.000 clients


An intelligent person knows to surround themselves with competent collaborators motivated by the same passion for the profession.

In this way it was possible to open the French and Swiss offices in 1968, the Spanish office in 1971, and the Italian office in 1974.

Thus, in only ten years, CEDEC already has five European offices which followed the three foundational principles of CEDEC: respect for clients, respect for collaborators, and respect for ideas.

CEDEC is still loyal to the independent spirit of a private family company, which allows for a perfect understanding of the fabric of European family businesses.


8.000 clients

Commitment to satisfaction

For success to last, it must be consolidated in the company’s day-to-day.

Only an organization that is highly aware of their clients’ needs can offer the Executive Mentoring service, created in 1980.

This department’s mission is to support the client company for one year following our intervention in order to ensure that the transfer of knowledge and talent is assimilated...and applied.


14.000 clients

Lifelong commitment to companies

CEDEC goes one step further in customer service, creating the Strategic Management department in 1986.

Our desire is to be our clients’ permanent Strategic Management advisors.

A CEDEC client benefits from being regularly advised throughout the whole life of their company to reflect with our management experts on new situations, realities, challenges, and needs that may arise.


19.000 clients

CEDEC turns 25!!!

CEDEC becomes the leading company in their sector in Europe.

More than 19.000 companies have benefited from an experience and knowledge which grow exponentially.

CEDEC has forged a solid internal culture of responsibility and commitment to clients.


24.000 clients


CEDEC supports our clients in the technological transformation of 2000. Beyond this technological aspect, CEDEC is preparing clients for another important change in Europe: the currency change with the arrival of the euro.


31.000 clients

The technological leap

After decades of collaboration with our clients, we have built up a great wealth of data and knowledge. Technology allows us to digitally protect and manage this information in the cloud. All this allows for a more agile, real-time use of data, leading to more useful, fluid, and effective internal processes and client management. Thus, we can use, in each of our interventions, the experience we have built up at thousands of companies.


38.000 clients

Our clients = Our ambassadors

Starting with a strict commitment to confidentiality, we decided to bring more transparency to the sector and share part of our work—real experiences—through client testimonials on our websites. We are pleased to confirm that we are part of our clients’ formulas for success now and in the future. We hope to continue to be so for many years.


41.000 clients

CEDEC turns 50!!!

In the European market, we are still the company of reference in the sector. WE WORK WITH THIRD-GENERATION CLIENTS!

We are very proud to be part of the evolution and development of thousands of companies throughout Europe. The commitment, professionalism, and engagement of thousands of CEDEC collaborators over the last 50 years, and the trust of our clients, are impressive assets and reaffirm our values and our mission, every day.


44.000 clients

New challenges

The evolution of CEDEC’s life cycle requires constantly facing new business challenges. A strategy of modernization and innovation to meet, with renewed energies, the challenges we will all face in the future. The internal organization adapts to all this with a matrix management structure in order to respond to clients more quickly and effectively.


Facing global change

Sustainable development, the digital revolution, and Big Data—in combination with advances in business intelligence, globalization, and constant changes in the market and social realities—are the axes upon which CEDEC reflects and works to answer the needs and goals of all our clients, creating value and competitive advantages.

We adapt all this evolution to the reality of family companies, respecting the values of each and every one as well as their individual abilities and goals.

Our clients’ success is still our mission and our passion.

+ 46.000 clients

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