CEDEC Analytics

The best way to face the future
is by understanding the present.

Analyze to create the future

Analysis is not only looking back to make business adjustments. Analysis means planning ahead and generating new opportunities. It means preparing oneself, developing competitive advantages to improve the business model, taking advantage of cyclical changes, or differentiating from the competition.

It is not just about solving internal problems. An appropriate analysis is one of the most effective initiatives to update skills and to appropriately determine values, situations, and opportunities offered by the market.


What does CEDEC Analytics do for you and your company?

We use advanced systems to analyze data, workflow, and company performance. All this is backed by a team of specialists, experts in the sectorial and business dynamics of family companies.

This allows us to provide innovative, strategic visions in addition to a solid framework for initiatives upon which to develop the potential of your company and key members.

We analyze the strategic, operational, and personal situation to provide the keys for transformation, for competitive advantage in the market, or to prevent risk from family members, partners, or the business.

From analysis to planning

Vision, inspiration, and effectiveness

The goal is to capitalize on your company’s values with new challenges, new ideas, and new ways of thinking and doing.

CEDEC has spent more than 50 years advising and supporting family business in reaching their objectives. All our experience is at your service to strengthen your company’s resources, together.

CEDEC Analytics will propose a combination of strategic actions to improve your business model according to your personal and professional projects on the path towards corporate excellence.

Evaluation of my now

How am I doing? What expectations do I have? Understand my vision and expectations. Reviewing my operations, finances, culture, behavior, strategic vision, and family ecosystem.

Objectives and goals

Definition of business objectives and personal goals: understanding and identifying my needs and objectives.

Opportunities and abilities

Envisioning the solutions that are best adapted to me, that aim for the goal and its execution. Needed adjustments. Risks and dysfunctions that distract from the objectives.

Next steps

From strategic definition to operations and the implementation of personalized solutions. Choosing the actions with greatest impact. Information about the implementation.

Information is power: it is the key to any business strategy.
At CEDEC, we help you reach your business objectives by turning data analysis into action.


And remember:

  1. Planning is key to detect opportunities and optimize competitive advantage.
  2. An appropriate analysis will not only allow for solving internal problems, but also for identifying values, situations, and market opportunities.
  3. Experience counts when combining technical solutions with a family company vision.

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