Luis Feliu

General Manager Spain

At sea, arguments arise when the boat is drifting, off-course, in the doldrums. When the wind is strong, when the boat is sailing at a good clip, everyone is paying attention and there is no time for personal or banal matters. This is what CEDEC does at our client companies: we mark a destination according to the owner's wishes, we set a course that everyone is comfortable with, and we can all enjoy the sailing.

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Luis Feliu

The challenge for entrepreneurs: resisting the COVID-19 and building a crisis-proof future

The pandemic caused by COVID19 has unfortunately put the world, humanity and obviously companies in front of one of the most complex challenges of the last decades.  Suddenly, we are facing a completely unexpected crisis with effects that are still difficult to predict and measure. Therefore,...

Luis Feliu

The model of Corporate Excellence

The EFQM model of Corporate Excellence is a practical tool that allows organizations and companies to establish an appropriate management system, measuring where they are on the path to Corporate Excellence, identifying possible shortcomings, and defining improvement actions. Quality, applied to...

Luis Feliu

How to make one of the most important decisions of your life

CEDEC ANALYTICS starts from the premise that “the best way to face the future is to understand the present,” but in the case of FAMILY PARTNER projects, we go further: we work based on the idea that “the best way to face the future is to CREATE IT.” Throughout history, humans have faced...

Luis Feliu

The importance of understanding the value chain

When a company is facing a corporate or strategic analysis, or an intervention, it is often the case that business owners will request that our collaborator be familiar with their sector of activity so that the communication and the transmission of experiences can be as deep as possible. This is a...

Luis Feliu

Family Business or a Business-oriented Family?

CEDEC FAMILY PARTNER is much more than behavioral instructions, an organization, or a Family Protocol. CEDEC FAMILY PARTNER is based on respect for a business owner’s foundational culture and philosophy, adapting to a modern, secure, and professional management that ensures the ultimate purpose of...

Luis Feliu

Decision-making: "The best way to face the future is to understand the present"

Throughout history, humans have faced multiple dilemmas, both as individuals and as a collective. Progress and evolution have largely depended on the choosing correctly from possible alternatives. For this, Nature has offered us a wonderful gift: free will; that is, the ability to choose. ...

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