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How to make one of the most important decisions of your life


Luis Feliu

General Manager Spain

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At sea, arguments arise when the boat is drifting, off-course, in the doldrums. When the wind is strong, when the boat is sailing at a good clip, everyone is paying attention and there is no time for personal or banal matters. This is what CEDEC does at our client companies: we mark a destination according to the owner's wishes, we set a course that everyone is comfortable with, and we can all enjoy the sailing.

CEDEC ANALYTICS starts from the premise that “the best way to face the future is to understand the present,” but in the case of FAMILY PARTNER projects, we go further: we work based on the idea that “the best way to face the future is to CREATE IT.”

Throughout history, humans have faced multiple dilemmas, both as individuals and as a collective. Progress and evolution have largely depended on choosing correctly from possible alternatives.

For this, Nature has offered us a wonderful gift: free will; that is, the ability to choose.

Therefore, we can deduce that our personal development depends largely on the quality of the decisions we make. On the other hand, depending on the activity or role that life has given us, the quantity of decisions that we must face may be quite varied, but it is a palpable reality that in the world of business, the number of decisions to be taken (and their importance) is well above average.

The CEDEC Group, as privileged collaborators in Strategic Business Management, lives this decision-making process with business owners every day. In fact, we could say that we live in the world of decision-making, because this is the only path towards corporate progress (unless we want to leave our future to chance or to third parties). In companies, specifically, there is something that differentiates the owners, the directors, the managers, and the staff: limits to decision-making. The higher we go in the hierarchy, the more important and critical the decisions we must make.

There are multiple elements that favor correct decision-making: identifying the problem, analyzing alternatives, familiarity with available resources, and the adaptation to a certain business strategy; but at the CEDEC Group, we know that the most important thing, the beginning of any decision, depends on the quality of the information available.

However, unlike other types of interventions, in FAMILY PARTNER projects, the process of identifying the problem or needs—as with the analysis of strategic drives, ambitions, and alternatives—already influences decision-making.

It is very important in this case to act with exquisite prudence, empathy, a mutual willingness to work closely together, human warmth, professionalism, and experience. Errors in this first phase may be fatal and could impede any possibility for subsequent approach due to emotional and visceral rejection.

CEDEC has helped thousands of family companies make their families compatible with business progress, and we put all these tools in their hands.

Analyzing a FAMILY company through the work of our Analysts is living a unique experience of reflection and immersion in the company’s world, relating information, causes and effects, desires and goals, and internal and external realities in order to be able to propose concrete, viable, realistic solutions adapted to the situation, allowing the business owner and their family to make the best decisions.

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