Jorge Cónsul

General Manager GBO

CEDEC mission consists of understanding the business owner, their goals, desires, and needs. Once we understand these, we investigate which situations, people, or circumstances stand in the business owner‘s way. When we detect these, we aanalyze how to "bypass" these obstacles, proposing the plans needed to initiate change. Once we have agreed on the path, we accompany the business owner in the course of these plans, guiding them along the path, helping them overcome the new difficulties that may arise, and becoming their closest collaborator. It is an exciting experience.

My articles

Jorge Cónsul

And then what? Planning for post-Covid-19

For a little over a month and a half we have been commenting and making plans to prevent the effects of COVID19 ... but then what are we going to do? How are we going to deal with the return to activity?  It is true that the urgencies derived from the stoppage in the activity have occupied all the...

Jorge Cónsul

The world of corporate finance

Before the beginning of the 2008/2009 economic crisis, business owners’ main financial concern was the availability of lines of financing for their company’s daily needs (financing sales, purchases, ...). This was when it was easy to get a credit line. After the beginning of the crisis, the...

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