Hervé Grand

General Manager Switzerland - France

The CEDEC difference is in our DNA. CEDEC is composed of experienced professionals who, in their careers, have assumed high-level operational responsibilities, including as business owners. Their commonality? Their desire to help, which they manifest every day with the business owner whom they help in taking on the challenges they face. It is on the basis of this modesty that CEDEC proposes being a vector for success and a guide for achieving Corporate Excellence.

My articles

Hervé Grand

From a one-person band to the orchestra conductor: how holistic management can help you implement change

There is a traditional vision of management which is applied by default in many companies. Under the influence of rapid growth and progressive workforce expansion, a certain type of manager imposes themselves in an unplanned manner which is not necessarily the most optimal. In this context, the...

Hervé Grand

End of the crisis: the start of a dream? Will it be so easy?

While we are entering a period of economic recovery, some business owners are finding it difficult to make specific (and achievable!) plans for their future. This makes it even more difficult to transmit those plans to their teams. In fact, how can they do so? In 2008, we entered a crisis period...

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