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Your business is of inestimable value for your family, your region, your country... At your company, you take pride in the work accomplished by your predecessors and you want to be worthy of this heritage.

CEDEC is here to help you with this. CEDEC works hand in hand with business owners, accompanying them in making crucial decisions for their future and the future of their companies.

Although a family structure allows for a lot of responsiveness in decision-making, our 50 years of experience have shown us that the most sensitive decisions are made as a result of reflection and not impulsively, as this may have consequences for family harmony, your legacy,
the future...

That is why we support the business owner in a personalized, tailor-made approach to ensure generational handover and the development and preservation of an invaluable legacy.



Our interventions guarantee a know-how governed by:


We have worked in Switzerland since 1968.


We work according to a model which successively combines Assessment, daily Intervention, Executive Mentoring, and regular Audits. However, the measures we define together with the business owner always respect the specifics of the company at sectoral, financial, cultural, and human levels.

Discretion and confidentiality

Our interventions are governed by a code of ethics which includes respect for the strictest professional principles and protects clients’ private lives.

Strength and quick action

CEDEC is proud of these attributes, which allow us to ensure client satisfaction.

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