Carlos Soriano

Vice President, Project Development Division

Listen, learn, correct, try, fall down, get up...and always begin again. Our experience with our clients continually teaches us that applying these verbs is essential, not just in business but in personal life as well. The reality of the past, the actions of the future. For this, CEDEC is on the side of business owners, to guide them towards reaching their goals, and always under the strictest principles of Understanding, Need, Effectiveness, Professional Competence, Satisfaction, Availability, and Adaptability.

My articles

Carlos Soriano

Prepare for the company’s future by planning an orderly succession

It may sound utopian to talk about planning the future of the business for a business family, but if we analyze our day to day, both personally and professionally, we plan each day before scheduling what we do — although the time windows in which we do so may be so immediate that we do not...

Carlos Soriano

How to capitalize goodwill (Real Goodwill)

If we understand as “clients” all those who we have billed and charged at least once, why not consider them as assets to be included in our company’s Real Goodwill? But first, let's define a company’s traditional goodwill. Investopedia tells us: “Goodwill is an intangible asset...

Carlos Soriano

Mentoring or Coaching, and how to reach Corporate Excellence

In the field of professional relationships, both Mentoring and Coaching serve to develop personal and professional skills. But, if they have the same goal, why do they go by two different names? The big difference lies in the methodology used and the path that is developed until reaching the...

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