Alberto Pijuan

President and CEO

We are convinced that there is not just one definition of business success. Each business owner has their own definition. Our mission is to bring that vision to life, listening actively and putting our experience at the service of the client‘s company and life. The business owner is almost always an ambitious person with clear goals. We give them the means to achieve those goals. For this, it is important to understand them and the reality of their company, which is often unrecognized by the business owner themselves.

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Alberto Pijuan

Age-old mistakes we continue to make today

They say that in the fifth century B.C., in a village in ancient China, there were two families with two sons each.  The first family sent their sons off in search of fortune. The brothers were very different from each other; one like to learn, and the other liked war. They offered their services...

Alberto Pijuan

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"

President Roosevelt, in his inaugural address after being elected President of the United States in 1932, pronounced this phrase, which has gone down in history. Successful business owners know that the only way they can plan for and overcome current and future risks is by facing them, knowing that,...

Alberto Pijuan

The ability to adapt is essential

At CEDEC, we work on Relational Excellence, defining it in seven principles: understanding our clients, their real need for our intervention, the efficacy of our collaboration, our professional competence, the client's satisfaction with their project, the availability to respond to professional...

Alberto Pijuan

The paradigm of subjectivity

Today, many people associate business consultancies with an avalanche of macro- and microeconomic data: complicated mathematical operations, 100% objectivity, and rigid methodologies from which any deviation could result in a catastrophe for the client company. It is surely for this reason that I...

Alberto Pijuan

Kairos, a key factor in the company

In ancient Greece, Cronos defined chronological, linear, sequential time, time in which no second is worth more than any other and where the clock rules our lives. But the key measure of time was called kairos: with this word, the Greeks defined the time they needed to find the chance to get ahead...

Alberto Pijuan

CEDEC and the evolution of knowledge

In the “agricultural age,” having land meant having power. Power was lifelong and passed from parents to children. In the “industrial age,” power passed to those who held capital. In the second half of the 20th century, we entered the “information age.” Information saturation soon made...

The value of information

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